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Directory of Pasture-Based Farmers


United States, Canada and Republic of Panama

The Directory of Pasture-Based Farmers lists more than 800 farms, making it the most comprehensive source for grass-fed meat and dairy products in the United States and Canada.

To be listed on Eatwild, producers must certify that they meet our exacting criteria. These standards insure that the animals and the land are well-treated and that the products are exceptionally high in nutrition and are free of antibiotics and added hormones. Many of the farms are organically certified; others lack certification, but follow many of the organic standards. We recommend that you visit your supplier and make sure that the farm satisfies your own criteria.

Farm products include pastured beef, lamb, bison (buffalo), rabbits, chevon (goat meat), deer, chicken and turkey. You will also find eggs from pastured hens and milk, butter and cheese from grass-fed cows or goats.

State-by-State Farm List: To find a grass-based farm close to you, click on your state in the map below or use the alphabetical list at the bottom of this page.

Direct Shipping: If you can’t find what you want locally, or want products shipped directly to you, go to our Multi-State Listing.

Beyond the Farm: Looking for grass-fed products in smaller quantities, or at a restaurant? Eatwild is adding a Beyond the Farm page to each state that lists farmers markets, stores, restaurants or buying clubs that feature grass-fed meat and dairy products. To find these listings, first click on your state in the map below, then look for Beyond the Farm in the upper right corner of the state page.

Click on a state, country, or region below to find suppliers…


Click here to read “How to make sure you’re getting healthy, tender meat.” 
For advice on purchasing meat in bulk, read Buying Meat for Your Freezer.


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