A groundbreaking research study coordinated by the non-profit Silent Spring Institute and recently published by the American Cancer Society found that synthetic chemicals have likely played a large role in the rising incidence of breast cancer throughout the world over the last half-century. The study identified 216 man-made chemicals-including those found in everyday products like pesticides, cosmetics, dyes, drugs and gasoline (and diesel exhaust)-that have been shown to cause breast cancer in animals. Researchers believe these substances, many of which “mimic” naturally occurring hormones once inside the body, are also to blame for the increasing prevalence of human breast cancer. Read the rest at:

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  1. Think about these sobering facts before you become a pawn of the cancer industry and help to fund their newest “breakthrough cure”. The genetic link is largely a sham and the cancer society knows it. Even the head of one of the industry’s largest agencies acknowledged that most cancers are largely preventable with proper diet and lifestyle. Ironically, the very methods promoted to prevent cancer (i.e. radiation, mammography and pharmaceutical drugs) are some of the leading causes of it.

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