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Questions and Answers about Unity08


#page_content h2{color: black; font-size: 1em; margin-left:0; padding-left: 0; text-transform: none;}You’ve got questions about Unity08? We’ve got some answers. Below are FAQs about Unity08 in general. For specific governance-related questions, please view the Governance page. To view a list of all donors who contributed $200 or more to Unity08, click here.

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Would the effort run anyone for anything other than President and Vice President in 2008?


What candidate are you doing this for?

No one. We’re doing this because the current system is broken and we owe it to ourselves and our children to fix it.

What is the American Agenda?

The American Agenda will be a major online initiative through which our online supporters will select the crucial issues facing our nation, participate in interactive briefings where nonpartisan, expert views on all sides of the issues are presented, and ultimately, select the key questions to be answered fully and candidly by all candidates seeking the Unity Ticket nomination.

What do you mean by a Unity Ticket?

A Unity Ticket will consist of a woman and/or man from each major party running for President and Vice President, or by independents who assemble a Unity Team from both parties.

How would you be able to be sure the ticket will consist of one Republican and one Democrat?

It is our plan that convention delegates would vote not for each office separately, but for the combined ticket. Each candidate for President would have chosen his/her candidate for Vice President before the balloting begins. (Independents may run for the nomination if they present a Unity Team from both parties.)

What do you mean by an online convention?

Unity08 will host a secure, web-based nominating convention in which all American voters who registered with Unity08 will be qualified to vote for one of the Unity Tickets nominated. Sign up today to become a delegate in this first-ever online convention.

Who would be able to vote in this online convention?

Anyone who would have registered as a delegate on the website and is a registered voter in his or her state.

Who would be able to run for the nomination?

Anyone constitutionally qualified to serve.

When will the online convention take place?

Probably in June 2008, to be determined by the Rules Committee.

How would the ticket get on the ballot?

The millions of Unity08 convention delegates would be organized to get that job done, state by state.

Who will run?

We have no idea. We hope it will be a robust competition.

How would someone become a candidate?


Could Unity08 delegates draft someone to run?

Yes. But we would not recognize any effort on behalf of someone who definitively rules out running even if they were to be nominated.

Would a candidate have to announce his/her running-mate right away?

No. But the ticket would have to be complete before any balloting begins at the convention.

Are you leaving your parties to do this?

No. Frankly we would like to give them a little jolt of reality and make them better.

Would a President of one party and a Vice President of the other be able to govern effectively?

Yes. A Unity Team, elected with a mandate for change from the American people, would be able to bring both parties together in the Congress to achieve that change. It could attract the best and the brightest to serve without bickering throughout government.

Wouldn’t it just end up helping elect one of the two party candidates?

No. We believe a Unity Ticket would be elected in 2008.

Won’t this benefit the party of the Presidential candidate more than the Vice-Presidential candidate?

This isn’t about which party wins or loses. This is about nominating and electing a bi-partisan ticket that represents the will of the majority of Americans. Regardless of which party is on the top of the ticket, it will result in a truly bi-partisan administration.

Do the candidates already running for president know about this?

We have briefed all campaigns, offices and staff who have requested it.

How could you be sure that an online vote will be secure?

We’ll have some things to announce about that down the road. We do believe that it could be both secure and easy. And we are working to maximize both public and media confidence in the systems that would be used.

How will candidates be able to communicate with the convention delegates before the balloting?

Our web-site will be available for presentations by candidates meeting a minimum threshold of support – and we would be able to email their messages to the registered delegates as well. A lot of that will be worked out by a Unity08 Rules Committee to determine the most efficient and fair procedures.

Will you make your list of convention delegates public?

No. We will protect the privacy of the voters. While we will facilitate candidate communications to the list, it will neither be sold nor given to anyone. No exceptions. We realize that we must come up with the means to give the public and the media confidence in the trustworthiness of the process, but the privacy of the voters is paramount.

Will the nominated ticket be the one that simply gets the most convention votes?

We expect that the Unity08 Rules Committee will recommend that balloting continue until a ticket has received at least 50% of the delegate votes cast.

Will you and your candidates have to abide by FEC regulations?

Of course, where and when applicable we will rely on Steptoe & Johnson for their sound legal guidance on all that. We have briefed the FEC on the new ground that is being broken.