Attn: Media – We don’t believe your fake election polls.

If I really thought Hillary was ahead of Obama, I would eat my own head and throw away the key. But, don’t ya know, her recent visit to the BILDERBERG meeting, with all the media big whigs, has her front and center for a big win, built on the illusion that the media tells the truth, and americans can’t wait to vote for her….cuz “she’s gonna win anyway”.

I have yet to meet even one person who intends to vote for Clinton. Not one. Anyone but Clinton, they say. Hmmm, who are these media chatters talking to ??

Obama is way ahead, and the media knows it.

AOL, CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, – GET REAL. You lost us with the last two elections.


One Response

  1. I agree . Overnight Clinton a gained 20% lead over Obama…Yeah..Right. She votes AGAIN to authorize war criminals to invade another country and polls still show her gaining!! No flipping way. The administration lies, the media lies, the polls (those pesky exit polls too!) lie. They can take their polls and put them…………in a very special place.

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