Attn: Media – We don’t believe your fake election polls.

If I really thought Hillary was ahead of Obama, I would eat my own head and throw away the key. But, don’t ya know, her recent visit to the BILDERBERG meeting, with all the media big whigs, has her front and center for a big win, built on the illusion that the media tells the truth, and americans can’t wait to vote for her….cuz “she’s gonna win anyway”.

I have yet to meet even one person who intends to vote for Clinton. Not one. Anyone but Clinton, they say. Hmmm, who are these media chatters talking to ??

Obama is way ahead, and the media knows it.

AOL, CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, – GET REAL. You lost us with the last two elections.


Just the numbers:

August 6:
1945 : Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima

Jesus Christ Numerology:

(the thought)    ENOLA GAY =  33 H    78 V     111  HV 

111 is the number I got using JCN when I asked “who is

the Antichrist?” 

Both Clinton and Cheney have 33 as their  H read.

Other 33

Gate v

Atlantis  h

5 suns  h

Indian  h

behind  h

justice  h

ninety  h        (recall the 90 degree angle)

name  v

Isaac v

Clinton  h

Cheney h

Baptist  h

Quorum  h

All  hv

other 78

The Mark Of The Beast  h

The Temple of Earth  h    (this is the Great Pyramid)

Bethlehem  v

Moon  hv

Sarai  (before name change to Sarah)   hv    (mother of Isaac -see above)

Mary  hv

Other 111

“Who is the antichrist?”  h

The Prince of Darkness  h

Lion Lamb  hv

vaccination  v

5 suns  hv   (see the 5 suns above)

Twelve hv   (see the quorum above)

Two Ones  (11)  v

Truth  hv

Bloodline three threes (333)   h

(the action)   THE ENOLA GAY = 48 H    126 V    194  HV

other  48


intention  h

Sarai  v   (see Sarai above)

Solstice  h

Name  hv  (see name above)

Twelve Twelve  h  (see twelve and quorum above)

Blood  v

Vaccination  h   (see vaccination above)

Gate  hv    (see gate above )

ICU hv

other  126

Eleven Eleven  v

Highest Intelligent Life  h  

Romney  hv

Reiki Will Save Our ship  h

other  194

THREE EIGHTS  (888)  hv

The first man hv

Twelve Apostles v   (see twelve everywhere)

All these numbers connect to other numbers that would illuminate more. But these numbers are exact match and most closely aligned.

btw:  Gay = 44 hv   

Remember the 144 and remember that Caesar and Abraham both have 44 in their signatures. Isaac spelled  (SC – no vowels) =    22 v  

Isaac spelled  SK  looks like this:  1911.  remember 191  plus that extra one. Also see 911.

(my first and last initials are SK)

If you feel led, use prayer, Reiki or dowsing or whatever to formally

remove your earthly imprint from this  1945 action.  If you are an

American, (at least)  you might be in the web of this siganture.

It will depend on how you intially responded to this history, and

how you feel about it today. But, it can’t hurt to cleanse it.



On this day in 1945, at 8:16 a.m. Japanese time, an American B-29
bomber, the Enola Gay, drops the world’s first atom bomb, over the
city of Hiroshima. Approximately 80,000 people are killed as a direct
result of the blast, and another 35,000 are injured. At least another
60,000 would be dead by the end of the year from the effects of the

U.S. President Harry S. Truman, discouraged by the Japanese response
to the Potsdam Conference’s demand for unconditional surrender, made
the decision to use the atom bomb to end the war in order to prevent
what he predicted would be a much greater loss of life were the United
States to invade the Japanese mainland. And so on August 5, while a
“conventional” bombing of Japan was underway, “Little Boy,” (the
nickname for one of two atom bombs available for use against Japan),
was loaded onto Lt. Col. Paul W. Tibbets’ plane on Tinian Island in
the Marianas. Tibbets’ B-29, named the Enola Gay after his mother,
left the island at 2:45 a.m. on August 6. Five and a half hours later,
“Little Boy” was dropped, exploding 1,900 feet over a hospital and
unleashing the equivalent of 12,500 tons of TNT. The bomb had several
inscriptions scribbled on its shell, one of which read “Greetings to
the Emperor from the men of the Indianapolis” (the ship that
transported the bomb to the Marianas).

There were 90,000 buildings in Hiroshima before the bomb was dropped;
only 28,000 remained after the bombing. Of the city’s 200 doctors
before the explosion; only 20 were left alive or capable of working.
There were 1,780 nurses before-only 150 remained who were able to tend
to the sick and dying.

According to John Hersey’s classic work Hiroshima, the Hiroshima city
government had put hundreds of schoolgirls to work clearing fire lanes
in the event of incendiary bomb attacks. They were out in the open
when the Enola Gay dropped its load.

There were so many spontaneous fires set as a result of the bomb that
a crewman of the Enola Gay stopped trying to count them. Another
crewman remarked, “It’s pretty terrific. What a relief it worked.”