WordPress starting to censure ???

Sure looks like it to me. I have been waiting for another posting of mine to post. Many others who have posted after me are posting, but my posting, with the link to David Icke’s 90 minute talk is not posting. My posts on the NUMBERS seem to have the same problems.

Now, it’s likely this will go through in about 15 minutes in an effort to make me look like a fool.

But, it is clear to me, that I am on the *watch list*, which can mean only one thing. I need to do the numbers on WORDPRESS and see who they REALLY are.

 Democracy is over.  No, I am not crazy, I am worried.  the only reason my posts would be withheld is because I have found the numbers. Numbers can be added by anyone. You don’t have to take my word for it, you would see it for yourselves and that is indeed quite dangerous for the powers that be.

I’ll give this about 10more minutes then I am done here at wordpress. But, I will let my members of 5000 know who word press is.


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  1. Well, looky there, it worked. So predicatable.

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