Bloggers: We do ourselves no favors

Everyone is talking, and no one is listening. Look at the other postings, respond. Act like you are engaged instead of just pissed. If I am the eye in the sky, I look at all the posts that have no responses and think to myself: THEY ARE MUCH TO SELF ABSORBED TO JOIN TOGETHER FOR CHANGE. Read other people’s blogs and pick at least one or two A DAY, to respond to for god’s sakes. Before you light my ass on fire, I DO THIS ALREADY.  There are many wise voices here- and it only takes a few moments to engage. At least pretend you are capable of joining with others for a cause. I don’t think we do ourselves any favors if the Blog-O-Sphere looks like only a place for the frustrated writers.

my two cents.

2 Responses

  1. Generally, it’s my low self esteem that prevents me from commenting. And, in reality, I’m rarely profound and wise.

  2. Most of us don’t view ourselves as profound, but you may have something to say that no one else has looked at in that particular light before.

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