How soon will Pelosi be gone? (from a lefty)


Lewis Black: From MoveOn to Lapel Pins, Non-Issues Reign in ’08 [VIDEO]


By Manila Ryce
Posted on October 12, 2007, Printed on October 13, 2007

This post, written by Manila Ryce, originally appeared on The Largest Minority

To draw attention away from the war itself, congress decided to legislate free speech by condemning a full-page ad by criticizing General Petraeus. Democrats allowed the pointless amendment to pass the Senate and a similar resolution to pass the House, but after being lambasted by their base for being spineless, they insisted the Republicans also denounce Rush Limbaugh. With the petty one-ups-manship between these two incompetent parties in a time of war, it’s no wonder that Congress has an even lower approval rating than the president. Never missing the opportunity to contribute their emissions to a climate of idiocy, Fox News reminded us that what’s really important are symbols meant to represent your patriotism, not the actual intent of your actions.

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