Wolf Blitzer and Media elects Clinton through manipulation of Debate

They really think we’re stupid. It just dawned on me. Sure, we laugh that, “O-Gee- How funny! They must think we’re stupid!”  (giggle giggle). But, see…..they really do. The Media knows we are stupid and they can play us like a blind fiddle.

You should hear Anderson on CNN and all the talking heads, including two-fer  Gergen. Their salivating over Clinton. Why do they WANT CLINTON SO BAAAAD  ? That scares the crap outta me.

 First off:  Blitzer deftly put a ceiling on the heat of the debate, and Obama and Edwards bit.

Go back and look at it and you will see the EXACT frame in which Blitzer took the candy from the babies. Then, he swiftly bows to Richardson with the perfect set up for the basket ! My Gawd ! And Obama shrunk and shriveled – and Edwards almost fell with him. Thank God there was one man BESIDES Kucinich with some independent muscle. Obama = huge disappointment. Oh well. There goes my 50 bucks.

Then…..of course you go to Las Vegas and stack the audience (no-how do they do that?) with Boo-ers with fine instructions on the art of timing. It was soooo obvious. Yet, most Americans have already gotten up to stick there head in the freezer for that tough decision on Choc Chip Cookie Dough, or Rocky Road.

THE MEDIA HAS PLAYED US.  I could see the strategy clear as day- and it worked!

We dems succeed again in being weenies.

Thanks Obama. Blitzer and buddy Richardson played you and you let them.

Why did you do that?



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