The term “anti-Mormon” is thrown around liberally in LDS circles. It is used to describe anything from a concerned neighbor sharing the biblical gospel with an LDS friend, to the hateful words and actions that are sometimes perpetrated against Mormons.

Living Hope Ministries vehemently opposes the hate speech and perverse actions that some groups (sadly, some of whom call themselves “Christian”) have used to badger, mistreat and disrespect the Mormon people. Yet, together with many other ministries to Mormons, we have often been lumped into the same “hate-monger” category, and we are called “Mormon-haters” and all sorts of malicious motives are ascribed to us.

Do we oppose LDS teachings? Certainly. Are we against the promotion of those teachings? Definitely. Do we work to produce and distribute information that dispels those teachings and promotes Biblical doctrine? That is our goal and mission.

But are we against the Mormon people? Do we hate them? Absolutely not!

Stop and think for a moment. If we truly were against Mormons, why would we share information in the hope that they would embrace the truth of Jesus Christ? Wouldn’t the more hateful thing be to simply smile and watch them walk down the path to destruction?

If you saw that loved ones were about to set sail on a ship that you knew was bound to sink, wouldn’t you try to get them off? Even if it meant telling them something they didn’t want to hear? Or would you shrug and say, “Well, that’s their choice. If it works for them, then all right. Maybe they’ll send me a postcard.”


Read, watch, listen carefully.



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