Mormons and the female *ROLE*

Growing numbers of LDS women in the church, like those in other religions with male-only clergies, are chafing at what they regard as sex discrimination. Independent Mormon Voices

In the last decade or so, a flurry of independent Mormon publications and groups have emerged in Salt Lake City, including the Mormon Women’s Forum, a feminist group that says it has about 2,000 members.

Its president, Lynn Kanavel Whitesides, was one of the six disciplined by the church authorities. She was “disfellowshipped,” which means the loss of certain privileges like receiving sacraments. The other five were excommunicated, a more severe penalty, and their names were removed from church rolls.

Don LeFever, a spokesman for the Mormons, said that the church never discussed its actions but that anything that caused harm to Mormonism would be grounds for discipline.

While women sometimes deliver sermons and lead prayers, they are not allowed to baptize, bless or distribute the sacraments, or lead congregations.



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