CNN and BUSH’S really want CLINTON! Cuz she’s on the same page.

Listening to Laura Bush on CNN this morning, you would think she was Hillary’s campaign manager. Same with many of the other Repubs. They want Hillary. And it’s NOT so they think they can beat her, although that is their hope. But, the last thing they want is Obama, Edwards, or GOD FORBID, Master Kucinich. Their entire PLAN FOR THE WORLD would be put on hold- (to a small degree) and they don’t have but 5 years left to get it done, before the magical 2012 hits.

If you vote for Clinton, you are voting for Bush. Period. She  VOTED FOR THE WAR! Lest we forget. She has voted to strip us of our liberties, over and over and over.

You will not have a chance for a Do Over on Election Day. 

I am still undecided as of now over Ron Paul, and Obama or Kucinich. No I am not confused.

The greatest threat in this moment is the threat to our freedoms, through the stripping of our constitutional rights. Ron Paul is the man for the job. But, we need a little more than that. We need compassion for people, and someone who is not from Texas! I have given to his campaign, and to Obama’s, but if people think Clinton is going to get us out of Iraq, and keep us from war with Iran, you’re dreamin.

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