Muhammad 103 and Jesus 103

MUHAMMED =  29 H   74 V    103  HV  —-  JESUS =  29 H   74 V   103  HV —–now, do you wonder how this can keep happening?  Just another odd coincidence. Ho Hum. Wake up  darling.

There is SO much more going on here than you know.

Using the english alphabet




 Now add the names vertically for 74  (which is also the # of LUCIFER )

Then add the names horizontal (ONE digit at a time  for  29  )

If you can’t do just THIS MUCH, I am logging off.

You should see the numbers of the front runners in this years election (except Obama). Ron Paul also *appears* to be someone that could save this nation. Kucinich is the only SURE BET. But the way the numerical system is TRULY set up, is that the number 74 is both LIGHT AND DARK in it’s expression, as all are numbers- so it is hard to determine whether  numbers align because they are alike, or in direct opposite intention-  but they will align numerically under both conditions.

Laugh and roll your eyes if you need to. But, you will soon learn the truth and by then – WordPress won’t be able to fix it.


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