So much for the 10 commandments. Is religion even real- or is it a wicked tool ? To keep the churchy sheeple on the same page. The Jesus I love and belive in would NEVER do the things these so called Christians do.

There are very different times and people had better wake up. The Elite will lie, cheat and steal to win and we know it. Their underlings (like the dems) go along because there is no stomach or muscle for the TRUTH. 

But, this story blows my mind. Who are these people !

Get off Network and Cable News, where you are being manipulated like a pretzel, get over to  and  ALTERNET NEWS, and educate yourself.  Alex Jones has a fantastic radio program on every day that Americans need to hear. You will be told these Activists are crazy. That is their only hope – that you buy it. When you finally wake up, it will be too late.

From the St. Petersburg Times report on this today….

Mitt Romney bought himself a victory in the straw poll for Republicans at a rain-shortened barbecue in Vinoy Park.

Romney got 893 votes, besting second-place Ron Paul’s 534 — despite Paul’s shuttling in supporters on a rented trolley and shuttle. The campaign had a plane sporting pro-Paul slogans and a boat touting him, too.

In fact, Paul supporters dominated the crowd, which reached an estimated 1,000 people. Tickets for votes cost $20 each.

So how did Romney do it?

“I voted 20 times,” Derek Gyongzois, 38, of St. Petersburg exclaimed after casting ballots.

He said he works as a volunteer for the Romney campaign (and begged a reporter not to print his 20-vote tally). Did he buy the tickets?


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