Attn: Romney and All Christians

Jesus didn’t teach about a death penalty or store guns in his home. He didn’t drop nukes on countries, nor did he murder women and children. Jesus…..the one I believe in, was the TRUE LAMB.

 As Hukabee states:  “Jesus was too smart to run for public office.”

And this- from a Christian (Pastor)

When did we lose our minds?

True Christians don’t KILL.


Which Jesus does he subscribe to?

The Evangelicals want war.

Thank God I have a different Jesus.

Signed: A Democrat no longer happy with the Democratic Party.

 And why in the hell is Chris Matthews covering the Romney speech when his wife works for Mormons? Of course, everyone works for Mormons. You didn’t know that did you.

Better get educated. Mormons believe they are the only true Religion. Why do you think they spend billions of dollars convincing people all over the world to join their church. Why do you think they don’t disclose their monies and GET AWAY WITH IT….

Our governement has been run by mormons from every direction since the founding of Free Masonry. Just a new name with the same old face.

Wake up please