What do mormons do when they get *uh* Mad ?

How has the Mormon church dealt with dissent and

those who challenge church doctrine or don’t follow its


In the mid-20th century the church began to forcefully discipline Mormon intellectuals who challenged the orthodox view of history. The historian Fawn McKay Brodie came from a devout Mormon family in Utah — her uncle would become the church president in 1950. In 1945 she published No Man Knows My History, a biography of Joseph Smith that was the first modern biography of the prophet to challenge the divine origins of Smith’s revelations and the Book of Mormon. Her family connections notwithstanding, she was promptly excommunicated. In addition, Hugh Nibley, a Brigham Young University professor, wrote an answer to Ms. Brodie’s book called No Ma’am That’s Not History. It is not clear whether Nibley’s work was a church assignment, but his attack was published by a Mormon publisher.

In 1950, when Juanita Brooks published the first full account of Mormon complicity in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, she and her husband were shunned by members of their church. She, however, remained active in the church and was never excommunicated.


If you really want to know about Mormons, talk to people who USE TO BE Mormon.

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