Human Rights Has a New Media Hub on

the Internet [VIDEO]

By Sameer Padania, AlterNet
Posted on December 10, 2007, Printed on December 10, 2007

Police brutality in Egypt, the brutal crackdown in Burma, the tasering of a student at UCLA – these are just a few of the most recent high-profile cases that demonstrate the power of online video to bring human rights abuses to light. In each of these cases, video has been central to driving national and international outrage, and, with Burma and Egypt, to mobilizing worldwide support for activists inside those countries.

This power is growing every day, as more affordable digital technology, such as camera-phones and small video cameras, empowers more and more people to capture evidence of the human rights violations they witness – even under repressive regimes.

Capturing evidence of abuse has never been easier, but for those with footage, getting that evidence out to the world has been a huge challenge. Without the support of major organizations, networks, or the media, there

has never been a direct way for the world to bear witness to human rights violations and personal testimonies, and to take action to help end those violations.

All of this changes today with the launch of the Hub — the world’s first website dedicated to human rights video — where anyone, anywhere with access to the internet can upload and find footage, audio and photos related to human rights, and take action to support campaigns and groups working to end human rights abuses.

The Hub is the newest initiative of WITNESS, a human rights organization that uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. For the past 15 years, WITNESS has worked with hundreds of human rights groups in over 70 countries to turn compelling witness testimony and images into strategic campaigns that make a difference.

Through the Hub, anyone can upload something they have filmed or recorded, and provide information and resources for viewers to learn more and to take action, or simply watch video that has been given sufficient context and background to enable you to understand what is happening. Organizations and groups can use their own or other users’ videos to mobilize people online in support of actions to stop and prevent human rights abuses.

We consulted widely with our human rights partners, peers and allies all over the world as we developed the Hub. The Hub was built to serve them and the wider community of activists and citizen journalists who need a global online space to organize, mobilize and unite in their fight to end social injustice and inequity.

Join them on the Hub today in bringing stories of human rights abuses to international attention.

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