Chris Matthews thinks that’s funny, cuz that’s what HUCKABBE said out loud and it prints in the NYT tomorrow. Well, in fact, I’m fairly certain that it is true that Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers.

 Now, be good little sheeple and take your made in china pencil and do this:

Remember that A = 1   B = 2   C= 3   (can you do that?)

L =  12

U = 21

By the way, the end of the Mayan Calendar is 12/21

C = 3




R = 18

Now, get your made in china calculator and add that. It comes to 74 V


Now, add Jesus

J = 10

E= 5

S= 19

U= 21

S = 19

IT ALSO = 74 V

AND…..(drumroll) Using the backwards alphabet:


When you stop scratching your head, I’ll be over here, digging a hole and crankin my solar powered satellite radio.  Oh, and it gets way worse than that. But, take a little at a time as you awaken slowly.

La dee da

One Response

  1. What you say about it being a taught belief of Mormons is true. Mormons do believe that Jesus and satan are brothers. They are not brothers at all and the Bible makes that clear.

    On my blog I have Mormon Doctrine stating this is a Mormon belief and I give reference as to where to find it for your own research.

    Every day I post a few more Doctrines so that they are not just things heard but the world may see they are taught as fact.

    It seems like there is a lot being said out there about what Mormons believe, but to see it with your own eyes draws attention to the fact that these very Non-Christian beliefs are really taught as Doctrine.

    Keep in mind that a lot of Mormons do not know what their own Doctrine teaches. A lot of the beliefs come as a shock to them because they are taught one thing by Doctrine but told another.

    However, the teaching that Jesus and satan are brothers is something most in the Mormon faith believe to be true.

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