Ron Paul a very close second.  Keyes means well, but not quite on task,  Fred Thompson is a plant to take votes from someone else, so I won’t address him, although he delivered a nice republican  bitch slap to the moderator. Tancredo looks better and better until he speaks. – Hunter? Well, he built a fence and lives to talk about it. BUT, he said the most important thing of the debate: He said Romney’s company signed with the Chinese to buy A US defense contractor in the USA.  Giuliani scares the holy crap out of me- so I turned my eyes when he spoke. All I remember about Romney is that he said —–I don’t stay awake at night worrying about the taxes rich people pay. Did he know his other self was talking? And McCain ? (yawn)

Now, watch how the BIAS to Romney NEWS MEDIA misses the Chinese partnership for a defense contractor story !  I will be following along.

Huckabee sounds sincere and has some good ideas. I can’t vote for him, but he doesn’t have the number 666 displayed on his forehead.

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