Of all people to question Obama’s drug use, it’s hilarious that it’s Clinton, or even the Bushies on the other side. GWB is said to have been snorting cocaine in his younger days (and who knows when else). 

The churchy people are so offended by Obama’s truth telling drug use, all the while their PASTORS are doing crystal meth and engaging in homosexual sex – OVER AND OVER. Every month, there’s a new story!

Obama, owns his drug use, writes about it, takes responsibility for it, and ALL OF A SUDDEN, Clinton’s lying under oath to obstruct justice seems like such old news !

 If it were’nt so funny, I would call Goddess Hillary and remind her that her husband was accused of RAPE, and even suspected of Murder? He used the oval office to have *relations with that woman” ooops, I mean girl.

I think it’s good to own up. I think it’s good to KNOW people. Then, we can make educated choices. But, when the masked ones use their bully pulpit to point a shaky finger at others, I have to laugh.

Obama is running away with the democratic nomination. John Edwards is right there with him.

I’d be afraid, and they obviously are.  But that might depend on what the meaning of IS IS.

The world is full of hypocrits. Please, bring the damn end times so I can go home. I’ll be over here,  doing a collage on Ted Haggard and Larry Craig.


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