THE LAST DAYS and suicide….

You chose to be here. You can choose to leave. The whole nonsense about suicide is ridiculous. That BS was designed to keep people bound to the earth plane as lost souls.  Satan loves to see bodies in fear; suffering. It’s his/her dessert. With a cherry on top if you catch fire while screaming.

You are spirit my friend. You are not a body. You’re going to hear a lot more about these issues as things get bleak. And they will. Why? Because the President of the USA is not the real Authority. It really doesn’t matter who becomes President. There is a neo-con agenda dug in deep. They’re not going anywhere. Educate yourself. Look and see who is running things. Ask Romney. He might know.  McCain might know. Hillary likely knows. It’s pretty simple math.

The Supreme Court is already set. Like to spin in circles?

Not that I advocate suicide. But, if the end of days looks real obvious- and you will know when that is- just remember:

 You chose to come. You can choose to leave.

Just throwing it out there.

When you find yourself in spirit form, ask for LOVE to find you.

Otherwise, their Jesus might come instead, depending on where your head is at.

If it’s between your legs, count on a King in white robes singing When the Saints Come Marching In…..

It’s so immature.


One Response

  1. I do not remember being asked if I wanted to come. I do know some religions believe we choose to incarnate on earth to have certain learning or growth experiences for our souls. So I could be wrong.

    You mention Jesus, and I must say, I have often wondered about those called the Religious Right. Why are Christians involved in politics and supporting war is beyond me.

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