The writer’s strike activated by Holywood Mogul’s need to hush John Stewart ?

—-How obvious – this plan.  But such brilliance. Time the Writer’s strike so it comes just in time to shut down left leaning TV and cable comics who love to poke fun of Bush and his Bushies. Zip em up tight. No more hilarious clips then Stewart’s ravenous attack on you know who. Imagine the field day Stewart, Lettermen, Leno would be having on the ROMNEY LAWN MOWER GUYS!  Their live mockings during important primary season would make college mince meat out of these fine fellas.

Who owns Hollywood? Who owns the studios?

Luckily, they don’t own John Stewart. Yet.

The presidential candidates have to be thrilled that there are no punch lines and jabs at all the hilarity. It really is a brilliant strategy, were not so deadly evil. This strike that looks like the Writer’s choice. Now, THAT’S funny !  Of course, the writers’ don’t know they got played.

Oh well. Thought someone should say it.

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