My Gutt.. and Mitt

—There is something is eeerie, so dark and so deeply troubling to me about Mitt Romney. He is fighting like a Crazed Mad Man to bring Huckabee down, all the while flipping and flopping and reaching, and even (lying?) about who he is??? He even lied about what his church believes! Because he knows that if the American people knew that his Jesus and Eden is going to unfold in Missouri, people would be hesitant of him. So he lied. There are numerous instances where he fudges, twists, squirms out of his past.

There is just something spooky about his *charisma*. About his polish that gives me the heebie jeebies.  Something about the tough stance on illegal immigration, but second chances for his own illegal immigrant lawn workers. Something about his saying he WATCHED HIS FATHER MARCH FOR MLK, and then we find out- it ain’t so…..

I have no idea who this man really is. It is impossible to tell. CNN goes to great length to champion for him- giving him free air time to make his big speech of no substance. Who else got that air time? What does this say about CNN ? (as if you didn’t already know).

 This is scary stuff. In fact, it goes deeper than that.

It’s a deep gut feeling that this guy can never ever hold another public office. Ever.

And, I want a full flood light on his friends who hold public office, or top positions in Gov agencies and Corp America. I want to know who these people are, what they want, and what they’re doing.

Something stinks to high hell.

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  1. Given your attentiveness to Romney and his BS, perhaps you would like to add to my little collection of what I’m calling “Romneyisms”, which are instances of deceit, disingenuity and hypocricy on the part of Romney.

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