Romney’s Goodbye Gift Basket

I am putting together a goodbye gift basket for Mitt Romney.

Here is a list of the items:

A box of sweet and sour candies.

A poster of him and his illegal immigrant lawn mower guys having lemonade-

ala Andy Warhol…

A blank journal for his five sons service to our country.

A hunting license and how to instructions.

Some smoke and mirrors to remember his win in Massachusettes.

More smoke and mirrors for his 08 presidential run.

Velvet painting of the SCOTTISH RITE Free Mason Temple in St. Louis, MO.

A Blackwater Bullhorn and pom poms.

A special shower head for when God says “screw the constitution Mitt. Follow me.”

A signed copy of the movie September Dawn.

A special effects reel showing Mitt’s dad skipping through Beverly Hills with MLK.

Red, white and blue flip flops.

A Honey Bee pin.  Like the ones that died.

A plaque celebrating the most baptisms done to the unwilling dead.

A copy of the uh…speech….he was graciously gifted by CNN to help him win.

A goodbye note, with a smiley face.

An Oscar.

Let me know if you would like to add something. I want it to be nice.