The Candidates Chosen For Us

If I was asked to pick the list of candidates, it wouldn’t be these. No offense. But—HOW DID WE GET HERE?  Let’s scrap the current list and start over. I like Dennis and Dodd and even Biden, but everyone running on the Repub side (inc. Paul) will NOT act in our country’s best interest. If any one of them win, we are doomed. Period. Grab the Nyquill, go the woods, and call it a day.

Dennis, Dodd and Biden cannot win. If Romney wins, I will eat my own self.  If Huck wins, I may wait around and see, but hold little hope. If McCain wins, – my God.  Recall….Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran.  Why are we stuck with these guys? If Ron Paul wins- well, I will say it out loud:  He is NOT who he says he is. Just a gut feeling. And, I had his sign on my yard until I really looked a his ideas- and the whole evolution thing is reason enough to move on.

If Clinton wins, then the people deserve what they voted for. I have seen the numbers and it makes my eyes burn. Nuff said on that.

Romney or Clinton would bring the end of days.  Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Edwards – I don’t know. Something about him….

Obama – He’s too weak. He would cave to the real powers, in a heartbeat.  Nice man though and honest.

I will not walk into the voting booth and vote someone ELECTABLE. I will vote for the best person for the job. That’s still a three way between Dennis, Dodd and Biden. 

I may just write in Martin Luther King.

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