Political Offense for Dummies

Huckabee, Babe, you let Romney get off defense and become an attack dog. A dishonest one you say. You are letting him run the game. It is not spiritual to be spit and stamped on. Who told you that? Get back on offense love. Quick, before Romney has you for breakfast.

 There are plenty of points to highlight.

We appreciate your desire to be Christ like, but do you know who you are running against?

 Do you know who their Christ is?

Dear One, wake the hell up.

You can’t beat Romney with marshmellows. He’ll light your ass on fire in a Utah second.

And, even though I am not voting for you, I am pulling for you temporarily, because I can’t bare the thought of a Romney ticket.

 Fact is:  And, I am a liberal dem, if Clinton is the nominee, I am voting for you if you’re still standing. The God stuff has to level out though- k?

Last thing:  Ignore Bob Bennet.  He’s not even a Has Been.  Poor Guy.  His only hope is a Romney so he can have a good job. Book sales not being what he expected and all.

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