RON PAUL DOESN’T BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. Where do I get my refund please.

Ron Paul cannot possibly be serious. Boy, Imma terrible judge of character.

I have always had some doubts about Ron Paul. But, this clinches it.

What incredible choices the repubs have:

911 Guiliani

Illegal Lawn Guys Romney

Thompson who doesn’t really wanna be….

and Huckabee.


Well, Huckabee is the only viable option that could win a general election.


Ron Paul Doesn’t “Accept” Evolution


By Manila Ryce, The Largest Minority
Posted on December 24, 2007, Printed on December 24, 2007

Since Brownback and Tancredo are out of the race, I guess Paul decided to keep Huckabee company amongst the presidential candidates who think the Flintstones was a documentary. Denying scientific evidence is an awfully peculiar thing for a doctor to do, but then again, Ron Paul is a paradox. He voted for the border fence with Mexico, yet claims to be a libertarian. He voted against the resolution to impeach Cheney, yet claims to be a strict constitutionalist. He’s against the occupation of Iraq, yet claims to be from Texas. Understanding Paul is like trying to nail jello to a tree, and yet that doesn’t seem to matter to the majority of his supporters who still don’t have a full picture of their savior.

Despite eyebrow-raising revelations that continue to surface, such as Paul not believing in the separation between church and state or the donations he accepts from white supremacist groups, nothing is stronger than the love a Paul fanboy has for his golden idol. Ask a left-leaning Paul supporter why they don’t just support a better candidate like Dennis Kucinich and they’ll put forth the anti-democratic group-think argument of electibility having precedence over platform. Irony anyone? Why not just support Hillary and get it over with?

It’s actually pretty shocking that Paul would use the “evolution is just a theory” argument to justify his nonacceptance of it. In science, a Theory is not merely an opinion, but a well-supported and testable explanation of how nature works. Doctor Paul must surely know the error in putting something like the geological theory of plate tectonics and my cousin’s theory that Alf is really an alien and not a muppet on equal footing.

Paul has shown how extremely misinformed he is on matters of science with his solution to environmental degradation already. Perhaps we should exercise a bit of intelligent design ourselves by elected a president with at least an elementary school understanding of what constitutes scientific fact this time around, and not someone who thinks “both sides” are equally credible.

Manila Ryce is a regular blooger for The Largest Minority

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My Gutt.. and Mitt

—There is something is eeerie, so dark and so deeply troubling to me about Mitt Romney. He is fighting like a Crazed Mad Man to bring Huckabee down, all the while flipping and flopping and reaching, and even (lying?) about who he is??? He even lied about what his church believes! Because he knows that if the American people knew that his Jesus and Eden is going to unfold in Missouri, people would be hesitant of him. So he lied. There are numerous instances where he fudges, twists, squirms out of his past.

There is just something spooky about his *charisma*. About his polish that gives me the heebie jeebies.  Something about the tough stance on illegal immigration, but second chances for his own illegal immigrant lawn workers. Something about his saying he WATCHED HIS FATHER MARCH FOR MLK, and then we find out- it ain’t so…..

I have no idea who this man really is. It is impossible to tell. CNN goes to great length to champion for him- giving him free air time to make his big speech of no substance. Who else got that air time? What does this say about CNN ? (as if you didn’t already know).

 This is scary stuff. In fact, it goes deeper than that.

It’s a deep gut feeling that this guy can never ever hold another public office. Ever.

And, I want a full flood light on his friends who hold public office, or top positions in Gov agencies and Corp America. I want to know who these people are, what they want, and what they’re doing.

Something stinks to high hell.

Huckabee’s Orb Angels


–What’s an Orb ? Google it. I have been looking for them in the Pres Candidates. Only Huckabee has an Angel Orb showing. Notice it isn’t red or blue. Orbs like these are a good sign.

I won’t be voting for Huck, cuzz I like Obama, but at least it’s good to know he’s got Orb. A measure of comfort.

as you were

Why did Mitt lie about the MLK march?

Why did he flip on guns and abortion and why did he give the illegal immigrants second chances on his all american lawn- when he faults Huckabee for giving second chances? I’ll be over here. 

I didn’t intend for this to be like a poem.

The Red Sweater Candidates

Huckabee-  wins the Red Sweater Chat. The Jesus stuff is way over the top Huck, and I am a Jesus freak. I know you are running for the far right, but why dumb down so badly. Ya need a little balance. Romney can’t touch you. Giuliani blew it already with his red sweater thing. Just when I thought John Stewart was the funniest man on earth Rudy comes on with a red sweater.

Romney:  He invented red.  Sweaters too maybe.

Paul? – Did he do a red sweater yet?

THE KID TERROR VIDEO ( they still think we’re stupid)

——Hmmm. I wonder about who is really producing these videos. Just ask yourself this: What does it invoke in you? Who does it make you hate? Does it justify trillions to fight war? Does it scare you and make you wet yourself? Does it outrage you?

 It’s a clue.


—He’s back in Iowa, on the campaign trail. AFTER he performed his duty, the one we elected him to do. I don’t want to hear any more excuses from CLINTON, OBAMA, BIDEN. I am nothing short of APPALLED that they didn;t get the red eye out and back in to do the right thing!!!  Too stressful? 


My God- if they can’t move their behind for THIS CAUSE, well – then neverTHEHELLmind !

Dodd- thank you- again and again.


HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed: FDA Documents Reveal HPV “Not Associated with Cervical Cancer”by Mike

A NewsTarget investigation has revealed that the FDA knew as early as 2003 that Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) was not linked to cervical cancer. Despite this knowledge, the FDA, along with key pharmaceutical companies, has continued to push for the use of HPV vaccinations as a defense against cervical cancer, even when its own research showed no link exists.

Today, NewsTarget publishes, “The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed,” a special report that cites from numerous FDA documents and clinical studies to show that HPV vaccines are not only ineffective, they may actually be dangerous! As revealed in the special report, the Gardasil vaccine has been linked to a 44.6% increase in precancerous lesions in some women, raising serious doubts over the sensibility of mandatory vaccination policies.

The special report is available now at:

This special report reveals:

• The FDA stating “HPV is not associated with cervical cancer.”

• Evidence that shows HPV vaccines actually increase the risk of precancerous lesions by 44.6% in some women.

• The FDA admitting that “most [HPV] infections are short-lived and not associated with cervical cancer.”

• Why mandatory vaccination policies ultimately lead to the harming of young women.

• Why one shocking study published in JAMA (August, 2007) concluded, “No significant evidence of a vaccine therapeutic effect was observed…” and added, “… rates of viral clearance over a 12-month period are not influenced by vaccination.”

• The real story behind the HPV vaccination frenzy: Disease mongering, corporate profits and junk science.

These revelations (and more) are spelled out in detail in this new special report by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, a consumer health advocate and bioethicist who strongly opposes mandatory vaccination policies. The report is available now at no charge at:

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Dodd saves the day.

Chris Dodd – thank you for your service to this country. Every single one of those democratic candidates should have come back to suppport you. IT’S SHAMEFUL.

You are a true American Hero !

THE LAST DAYS and suicide….

You chose to be here. You can choose to leave. The whole nonsense about suicide is ridiculous. That BS was designed to keep people bound to the earth plane as lost souls.  Satan loves to see bodies in fear; suffering. It’s his/her dessert. With a cherry on top if you catch fire while screaming.

You are spirit my friend. You are not a body. You’re going to hear a lot more about these issues as things get bleak. And they will. Why? Because the President of the USA is not the real Authority. It really doesn’t matter who becomes President. There is a neo-con agenda dug in deep. They’re not going anywhere. Educate yourself. Look and see who is running things. Ask Romney. He might know.  McCain might know. Hillary likely knows. It’s pretty simple math.

The Supreme Court is already set. Like to spin in circles?

Not that I advocate suicide. But, if the end of days looks real obvious- and you will know when that is- just remember:

 You chose to come. You can choose to leave.

Just throwing it out there.

When you find yourself in spirit form, ask for LOVE to find you.

Otherwise, their Jesus might come instead, depending on where your head is at.

If it’s between your legs, count on a King in white robes singing When the Saints Come Marching In…..

It’s so immature.