Learn how to do the numbers (free) on MP3

If you want to know how to do the numbers: I have 3 free MP3’s here. Listen and learn :  http://www.esnips.com/web/jcn

 It’s easy.   Double check your work. I do, but sometimes, things can still go wrong.

Begin with your own name.

English alphaBET


B = 2

Begin with your own name.

J    E   S   U  S

10  5  19   21  19

 29  h

74  v 

103  hv

same as Mormon – using the backwards alphabet.

BUT, using the backwards alphabet:


BWA      z= 1      y =2        x = 3    etc.

The backwards alphabet string WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS   is

133    304    437      keep this

Joseph Smith = 212 — Mitt Romney born 312 — St. Louis Arch = 312

Even if Romney drops out, this is way relevant. Guess who is running the country ?


=  312   h

Romney was born  3/12

Joseph Smith = 212  hv

Mitt Romney told the press he was running for President on 2/12. Well, those pages are gone now. But, they were there because I saw them, and told others. But, now it reads 2/13.



WHO ARE THE FIVE SONS = 212 V    (romney has five sons)

TWO THOUSAND TWELVE = 212  HV      (this is what I’m talkin bout)



(Why does this align. Either they love each other , or they hate each other, or there is some other reason)

WHO IS SAN FRANCISCO  = 212 V   (nancy pelosi? or Gay ? )

WHO IS THE INTERNET = 212 V    ( go see www.207.net

(bckwds alphabet)     HOLY BIBLE = 207

 and   LUCIFER =   112   HV

Here’ s  312

THE EXTINCTION OF WOMEN  312  H    (hmm, which countries hates women)

Then, there is that whole multiple wives dis.

Mormons and Arabs have that in common.


google it

WNR REPRESENTS BUSH =  313   =    The (v) # of the  word INRI on the cross of Jesus (WNR)

THE GATEWAY STRING UP TOP = 1002  hv   (2001 backwards)

Recall the Obama, Muslim string I ran that comes to  911  hv    (READ BLOG)


Wind is the force that moves all things. Including water for floods.  ( you’re not ready for that one)

HURRICANE KATRINA aligns with Bush (deeply)

Out of the 700 pages I have, I have only a few empty pages left.  612 is one of them, interestingly.

But here’s 611


=  611  V   (and   116  and 11 with a upside down 9  and 116 is very dark)


ANUNNAKI = 116  HV   (better google that one)

EVE NING = 116  116 HV

SIXES  116  HV


LION OF 2012   116 HV



DJ FM AM  J JASON  = 116  V  (initials of the months)


MADAM POMPADOR  = PC#  1116    (she is the skull and bones mascot)

There’s one more that I can’t bear to list because it is to explosive. But just know that 116 is a big deal.

That December twenty first string up top…… 


GOD =   17 H    26 V     43 HV

43 + 34  + 77   That is the full number for God  (reg alphabet) 

Mitt Romney’s fave # is 77.

Backwards alphabet it comes to  11 h  11 v    22 hv

The Ruling Elite use both 77 and  11-11  

11 x 11 = 121   =  antichrist  v   and is 112  scrambled 

112  = LUCIFER  hv

Mitt Romney’s Astro is very interesting

Mitt Romney
March 12, 1947
Detroit, Michigan

Sun: Pisces
Moon: Scorpio
Rising: Gemini

For those of you who are interested in the things our leaders are interested in:

The moon in scorpio is most interesting. The Moon is a Goddess Vibe. I have tons of numbers that show THE SCORPION as  THE ONE. It’s interesting that it is the MOON in scorpio.  Google some meaning on moon symbology and Pagan.  Free Masonry is full of Pagan ritual. Scorpio moons are very secretive. They hold their cards close to their insignia.

Then, there is the personality of the Rising in Gemini. The Twins. The Two Faces Of Eve.  I say Eve because:

Reg alphabet  V = 22

Backwards alphabet  E = 22

E = 22

V= 22

E = 22

 Yes, it’s intentional.

The two faces of Mitt Romney are now *partly* explained by by the Gemini Rising- if you care.

Calling all Jews

Hi. You should know that my lineage is German Jew. Now, let’s talk Obama and his money. All I want to say to you, is this: It’s time for you to start watching your back. Time to start raising money for McCain, because Obama just raised 32 million out of BLACK AIR. I wouldn’t wait. If you are a democrat, don’t kill yourself please. Read my blog. There is something weird going on here.

Here’s a hint:   using the backwards alphabet:  O Y    are the letters  122  (221)  that would be the ID for

Jesus Christ  hv  (using the forward alphabet)   Excpet there’s this too:

WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST = 666 hv   (backwards alphabet)

So unless you are in on the joke, it’s time to pay attention.

Yeah, they like to make jokes to keep themselves entertained.

Did you know that Obama says he wants to bring the troops home?

Now, so do I – but I have a suspicion, it’s for different reasons.

STATE DEPT OFFICAL: “I saw Blackwater shoot people without provocation.”

Blackwater Goes After North Carolina Democratic Challenger



Blackwater is aggressively attacking Marshall Adame, Democratic challenger to “Mr. Freedom Fries,” seven-term Republican incumbent Walter B. Jones. Blackwater Worldwide’s 7,000-acre corporate headquarters and training facility sits in North Carolina’s 3rd District, which Adame is trying to win.Adame, a former State Department official in Iraq, was protected by Blackwater thugs. He has publicly stated his experience with many unprovoked attacked by the steroid boys, which has drawn attention and attacks from Blackwater. Blackwater has zero interest in having an out spoken democrat with first hand experience of their death squad win a seat in Congress.

As a State Department official in Iraq, he was protected by Blackwater, which, he says, used excessive force on at least two occasions while he was in their care. “I saw them shoot people,” he says. “I saw them crash into cars while I was their passenger…. There was absolutely no reason, no provocation whatsoever.” Once, while en route to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Adame says he heard gunfire coming from the turret gunner in his own vehicle. He looked out the window of the humvee and “saw people ducking and falling…. The vehicle in front of us rammed into a car that was trying to get out of the way, and they just spun that guy around. He was out cold in that car, maybe even dead. I don’t know, but we just kept on going.”

His criticism of Blackwater in Iraq has put him in the cross hairs of Blackwater’s aggressive attacks. Adame’s has been receiving hate mail from Blackwater employees headed by executive vice president Bill Mathews.

In an internal corporate email, Mathews encouraged his colleagues to barrage Adame with mail (”he was too cowardly to put a phone number on the web,” Mathews noted in the message). “[H]e wants this company and all of us to cease to exist,” Mathews wrote in the email, which was obtained by the Raleigh News & Observer and posted to the newspaper’s web site. “Do you like your jobs? Are you sick and tired of the slanderous bullshit going on in DC? If so, would you all mind joining me in reminding Mr. Adame that he is running for office in our backyard…. Let’s run this goof out of Dodge…!”

Since then, Adame has been on the receiving end of “some pretty rough stuff,” he says. “I received all kinds of hate mail from Blackwater people. They use a lot of vulgarity. They tell me how Blackwater is defending America’s rights, and that we’re free because Blackwater is fighting for us. Give me a break! That is so erroneous and misleading. It’s just totally dishonest, but those people really believe it. Blackwater is a large organization, and they have a great way of propagandizing their product.”

Adame, who plans to hold a campaign event near Blackwater’s Moyock headquarters next month, is quick to point out that he has received no threats of physical harm from Blackwater, and despite some obscene emails, has engaged in constructive conversations with some of its employees. “These people don’t want to lose their jobs, and I understand that,” he says.

I feel very strongly about how extensively organized Blackwater has become,” he explains. “And I will do everything I can as a congressman to look into that, to find out whether or not the things they’re doing are even legal.”

Adame’s ActBlue page needs a serious injection for him to successfully beat Republican incumbent Walter B. Jones and Blackwater. We need to help Marshall Adame win North Carolina’s 3rd District and rid the U.S. of Blackwater.


Found at the link above.

I’d love to trace Obama’s cash for about the last 20 years.

How does someone come on to the scene – with little political experience – with soooo much cash? Where is all that green coming from? I find it interesting.

Who really owns and operates TECHNORATI ?

 A very important question. I have seen too many *issues* with this so called BLOG CENTRAL. Aside from it’s obvious play of word – ILLUMINATI, it feels a little rigged to me.

First, the main page of the largest BLOG CENTRAL site on the net has five stories on it, when I checked – just now.

Two are anti – Clinton.  One is about Posh Spice. One is about Brittany Spears, and the other is on the tanking economy.  Which is the construct set in place to help Mitt Romney have a platform to win. It may still work.

I’m talking about the main page of a site that host MILLIONS OF BLOGS.

But, I am watching Technorati much more closely now. Nothing on Iraq, nothing on McCain, nothing postive on Clinton-. Just another tool it seems to me.

Claire MaCaskill, Obama, Missouri and the Mormons Eden

I am just now starting to work on this, because it calls for a deeper look. Google MORMON + MISSOURI. It’s the place where their Messiah comes. It’s where they say the new Garden of Eden is. Here’s the scary part. They are right. How? Because you have been brainwashed to believe certian things, which are not true. You only have a little bit of time to understand. I am not going to hold your hand through it.

Fast forward a sec:  Obama is tied to the Mormon Church, through Boeing, his numbers and through his actions- mainly with Orin Hatch, and oooopsie votes that cost the kids of Illinois. By the way NOIS  is SION backwards. Which means at least two things.   PRIORY OF SION AND ZION.  If you want to know more, see the google results below. Understand that Romney was a missionary in France, and it was France who gave the US (2119) THE STATUE OF LIBERTY  (ISIS).


His own numbers are STRIKING. Not in a good way.  His biggest fan, besides Michelle, who sits on the CFR, is Claire MaCaskill.  She represents Missouri. For me, given what I know, I’m done. Not only that but the name itself is Scottish.  The new Scottish Rite Free Mason temple in St. Louis is breathtaking. Not to mention the numbers on Scottish Rite as they relate to Latter Day Saints.

One thing here:  THE ST. LOUIS ARCH IS VERY SIGNIFICANT.  It has 1076 steps. Did you know the FIRST EVER OLYMPICS happened in 776 BC ?  Does 1776 ring a bell ? Here’s something:  Which number represents SARAH  PC# = 1776 .  The Arch is a Gateway. You know about the symbology of Arches right? Have you ever stood at the opening to the Washington Arch in Washington Square in NYC ? When you look through it from the front, you see nothing. That’s because the World Trade Centers use to stand erect, right in the center. The Twin Pillars are gone, but the Arch and it’s symbolgy remains. The arch is a 7. The sacred 7. It represents The Curveture of Space.  It’s not really Curveture. It’s cURvURtUREe.  Ur three times.  Abraham was born in UR.  The letter UR are 21 18.  2118.  Abraham made his covenant (accidentally) with Lucifer in 2118. I don’t have more time for that right now. But, you might wonder who sits at the top of this mystical pyramid?  You can’t see them with your physical eyes. But, about the 1076  steps in the St. Louis Arch. It stands for 1776. The extra seven is coming.


The head honcho (as you will see ) has the name COCKERHAM. Now, unless I am just dumb, this looks like-

COCK HER HAM.   Joseph Smith would be proud.  We already know how Arabs feel about women (as well).

Look at the middle intial of W.  The W is the stamp. It equals 23 in the english alphabet. 23 is a mark of the beast, for those who are owned, or those who WERE owned, but woke the hell up to what Love looks like.

Anytime you see middle intial W- connected with people in power…..well…….there’s that.  Now understand that everything created here has to do with the stars, the planets, the constellations (88) and the suns, the moons, and all of space.  Download this:

http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2003/pdf/1857.pdf   (while you still can)

Just keep it. Read it. You won’t yet figure it all out. I haven’t either. But, I do a LOT of research, and this doc is very interesting.

ELOHIM backwards is MI HOLE.  ( well, it is)   🙂   I posit that the REAL abbreviation for Missouri is MI.

Please know that Mormonism is connected deeply to freemasonry. In the numbers as well. Also connected to Knights Templar. I don’t yet have all the translations, as this is a newly intuited system, but I can also judge based on people’s actions.  The numbers back me up.

You just have no idea that the whole world is a giant numerical grid do you?  Most of the people caught in it’s web have no clue either. That temple has the most amazing numbers. There is no doubt what it’s for. The second Messiah. That would not be the Jesus we know and love, whose very body was stolen from the tomb, and taken to ????? 

I digresss.

There is a connection here, because BOEING has deep ties Mormons, Missouri (google it) and Obama. And now MaCaskill, who backs Obama.

Why this thing about Boeing?  First:  Did you notice the BACKDROP of the Republican debate last night. A PLANE. There is a very specific reason for that.

I will try to be brief. You likely won’t get it right away. In time, as things unfold, you will.

10 years ago, I had a very vey strange dream. I didn’t have the numerology at that time. I was clueless to all of life, overall. The dream was about a HUGE airplane ion the NIGHT sky. I was walking in a neighborhood of my youth, the same neighborhood, where I saw my first UFO at 13.  The plane broke in half, caught fire, and fell to earth in front of me. The pieces scattered all across the front lawns of all the houses. HOUSES.  They caught fire. Then, I heard, from a giant booming voice:  SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN, WHO COME UNTO ME…..and the rest.

I called my sister in law (mormon) to ask her what the dream meant. She didn’t know.  Well, all these many years later, I know. It’s a message with many meanings, as dreams often are. I only now begin to understand.

My numerical signature on the hv =   324

Add that to it’s inverse (which is what they do)   423

It comes to 747. 

I have done lots of numbers on BOEING, NASA, and planes. Plane has several meanings.

The biggest evil ever committed on this earth (by puppet humans) was dropped from a plane.  The signature of plane is huge.  And, now we have the new BOEING DREAMLINER. The American Dream is about to be implemented in ways you could never have imagined.  When Jesus said, FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO…….he meant, they are owned. When your soul is owned by Lucifer, you basically lose your awareness of your true self. You become a tool, a puppet and worse.  But, these *people* honestly do not know what they do.  They really don’t. So understanding of this is key.


You might be able to guess the rest. There is a giant hoax here. It’s about to be be exposed.

The World Trade center was full of Jews. The World Trade Center also had a tomb of gold. I believe something very different about 911, than what our government has told us. But, bomb the Jews and their businesses, and you can get them to support a war in Iraq. You can convince them that you are on their side.

W   T    C     number assignments are   23  20   3     THAT’S  23  TWICE

BUSH = 23  h  (add up the letters, one digit at a time)

I could be wrong. Way wrong. But, I have some tools to help me, the least of which is my own six senses and the actions that have unfolded since then.

And now, we are about to elect an Arab/Muslim ? Could that happen? His middle NAME is Hussein. Go ahead and ignore it. NAMES are everything. Given just the little I know, I see a Trojan Horse with Obama. If there was ever going to be one, it would be NOW.   What nationality were the 911 hijackers?  Who was Bush kissing on the lips two weeks ago – again, and again. Who wants to buy our PORTS !!! 

I lost a daughter on 4/22/87- at birth. Since that time, I had the #22 as my number. Long before Jesus Christ Numerology.

When I intuited this system, I decided to add my other kids name. I named them. I just picked names I wanted. You can imagine my shock when all THREE kids come to 22. All three. Now, WTF with that ????

There is far more going on here than you know. Stay tuned. I know I have digressed a bit, but, I am doing the best I can, with the time I have, to get my message out to YOU.

2012: The ramifications of aligning with evil

I’m not voting. Here’s why. I know and believe in the power of belief and alignment. THIS election is all about aligning with belief systems. Do so at your own peril. Why is it important for THIS election? Because of 2012. You really need to read my blog. Get some coffee, close the blinds and go deep. Right now, the way I see it is this:

You are going to decide right now what you believe in. THAT choice, for the most powerful leader of this world, is counted. How? Not, by some giant robed score keeper. That is a script. Wake up. It counts for the next leg of your journey. If you align with murder, death and suffering, expect to stay with it long after you cross over. No, you don’t really get to pick ‘KICK THEIR ASS SEA BASS”  here, then turn up in Holographic Heaven, created by the same evil force who ruled you in 4D, and get a pass. Nope. And all your war mongerings family members/family will be there to greet you, because  #1  – they are also stuck in Satan’s web and #2 there is no better way to convince you that you have arrived in the right place than to meet up with Uncle Bill and Aunt Minnie.  

They don’t keep you long *there*. They rewire their creations, and farm them back out, based on what you CHOSE before you arrived. Yes, you do have free will. Lucifer/Isis cannot touch you if you detach from every last piece of them. Bless it and move on. But, your choices IS your free will. 90% of all life chooses from a tiny construct of knowledge. In other words, you are choosing based on what you know, and we don’t know jack.

There is a whole lot you don’t know. But, until you know it, you’re going nowhere. Just a fantastic loop of repeat madness, handily scripted for the ages, over and over and over. 

So, here’s the bottom line:  What do you believe in ?  Know Thyself. Then decide what you are going to CHOOSE.

As for me; I am choosing NO THANKS, CHECK PLEASE.

I see what this is. I see there is no loving option. Those people were wiped out of the campaign early on.

What we have now is not who I AM.  Therefore, I am not CHOOSING it. I am absolutely certain that there is a realm of grace waiting for me. I can’t get there, when I have my boat docked and knotted in this place.  Boats dock when choices are made. Choose the vibrational signature of this place and you will get this place.

Your being has a signature. A number  🙂 Well, more accurately, your Human Being is a sound and light ID, that manifests into every single fiber of you.  Your belief system is your Biology. Your DNA. But, there is a parent force, who has better software than you, and as long as you sleep, you cannot escape it.

All I need do now, is continue my work, and my efforts to inform people of what is going on here.

Romney pulls back his wad for TV ads.

On some days I wake up and just somehow know there is a true God, with true love and all the flowers are blooming.  Today is one of those days.