Ron Paul cannot win. But, he will endorse Romney. Nice strategy.

You have to get into these people’s head. It will hurt, but go for an hour. Ron Paul is taking the Independents who need someone to heal their pain about the stripping of our rights, and all the other issues. God forbid they should be left to support a democrat. I can’t say as I blame them.

In any case.

 I get a sense tha Ron Paul is set up to keep as many disgruntled repubs and teetering indies, in the right camp. Repubs are not stupid. They know what they have done to piss everyone off. So, they make a list of those things and stand up a candidate who will take all their money, time and energy. BRILLIANT.  Caesar would be proud. He might even fly in a comet.

Yeah, yeah, I know all about Paul’s record – yadda yadda yadda. People, open the box and crawl out. This election has been in the works for decades. Put the Burger King down and read up on 2012. Just google something for craps sakes. 

So- Paul had me at hello not so long ago. Not anymore. He already ragged on Huckabee, so we know where he’s headed. BRILLIANT and evil all at the same time.

Ladeeda.  Romney IS the white horse after all…..just more quietly.

How many times are we stupid.

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