Huckabee will be the republican nominee

Go get your hankies. I’ll wait. I’m not voting for him, but I like the guy. No, he’s not perfect, but he feels honest, and even  *get this*  KIND…. and yet, still tough for a country that is taking it’s last few gasps of constitutional air.

And…. I don’t trust or believe Judicial watch as far as I can spit- and that’s a long way on a good day.

 Lou Dobbs just asked how it can be that our President acts against the best interests of the middle class.

Bush was the second coming of JC Lou. You remember 2000 BC right? Think I’m wack? Give it time. You will see.  He is *the annointed one*,  and he isn’t a Jesus freak, if you catch my bent.  You have seen evidence enough of what hell is.

 Lastly, if CLINTON is the nominee for my pathetic spineless party, I am voting for Huck.

I would never vote for another repub running. Don’t make me vote for her. Please don’t make me.


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