Mitt Romney, BAIN CAPITAL, The Chinese Military, and 3com – WHAT THE?

You better get educated on this one my friends. These kinds of deals are years in the making. What in THEE FAT HELL  OF SALT LAKE CITY is going on here ! My sweet God and the ET Jesus !

Dubai Ports redux over China deal

A Bain Capital deal that would give a Chinese outfit a

stake in 3Com creates a ruckus on Capitol Hill, reports

 Fortune’s Nina Easton.

The Bain deal has elements of the perfect political storm: A foreign company’s proximity to technology; the involvement of China — Capitol Hill’s favorite foreign bete noir — and a Huawei executive’s eyebrow-raising links to the Chinese military.

Bain Capital

Bain Capital LLC is a Boston, Massachusetts-based private equity firm founded in 1984 by Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, and two other partners from the consulting firm Bain & Company: T. Coleman Andrews III and Eric Kriss. Bain Capital was originally conceived as a combined equity start-up and leveraged buyout fund, an innovative strategy at the time.

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