It doesn’t matter. He did. And now I am going to bed, thanking God for smart Evangelicals. Just for a couple of days.  Huck, you know that’s a nice little payback, about a century in the making right?  Not quite even, but hang in there. There are quite a few smiling from their graves.  You are their hero.

The main reason McCain can’t win General Election

Joe Leiberman.

 He’s a traitor and dems will not tolerate the alliance McCain has with them, just because he wants the USA to protect Israel – at all cost. A very heavy cost.

 So, Huck is still the only Repub that can win a general.

Yeh for Obama !!!!

Yeh for Edwards !!!!

Romney….please go find something else to do. Maybe learn to shoot over at Blackwater headquarters.

Chris Dodd – Joe Biden :  I love you guys !!!! Here’s the problem. The American people don’t get it yet – in general.

It’s going to be awhile.  I can’t even get them to add two and two.

But do me a favor. Get Pelosi and Reid outta there somehow. They too are turncoats. I’m not stupid.