The main reason McCain can’t win General Election

Joe Leiberman.

 He’s a traitor and dems will not tolerate the alliance McCain has with them, just because he wants the USA to protect Israel – at all cost. A very heavy cost.

 So, Huck is still the only Repub that can win a general.

Yeh for Obama !!!!

Yeh for Edwards !!!!

Romney….please go find something else to do. Maybe learn to shoot over at Blackwater headquarters.

Chris Dodd – Joe Biden :  I love you guys !!!! Here’s the problem. The American people don’t get it yet – in general.

It’s going to be awhile.  I can’t even get them to add two and two.

But do me a favor. Get Pelosi and Reid outta there somehow. They too are turncoats. I’m not stupid.

3 Responses

  1. LOL

    I laughed at the last line. We all feel like that, including most of the Democrats.

    Honestly, I think Romney’s going to win the Primary for the GOP. Huckabee might do well in the Midwest (where I am) because we have a lot of people here who are fairly stupid (like Kansas who doesn’t believe in evolution, and South Dakota who thinks the world is flat, and Colorado who thinks we should kill all brown people) enough to fall for Chuckabee’s crap.

    However, the larger, more popular states are less gullible to Mike’s charm and backwards appeal.

  2. Would have to disagree. Unless they rig it, which they did before, if you ask me. Deibold and his mormon ties and all, and that curious plane crash and all – righ before the 2004 election and all.

  3. Just had a thought –

    Maybe the reason McCain can’t win is because the only reason – as he himself has stated – is that he’s only out to ensure Hilary doesn’t get elected.

    And Obama takes the independent vote. That was McCain’s hope. And that’s why McCain hates Obama so much, as well.

    Love how people disagree with me yet haven’t read a single report or actually studied political science/sociology, and think that this country actually cares about the Diebold issue.

    Romney won’t win because the election is rigged. Romney – after all the smear campaigns and mistakes he’s made in the past year – still has very high support and numbers in the East. Huckabee does not – he trails McCain in that respect outside of the Midwest.

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