McCain, Huck, Paul, Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Gore

I am going to say it out loud. The only ones who could move this country in the right direction have already left the race, or are being ignored. The ones left, are left on purpose. Dodd and Biden had real answers and real integrity. Kucinich as well. Ron Paul,,  God Bless Him, can’t get a cup of coffee at the Republican National Headquarters.  If he is genuine, and I am not here to say he is, but, if he is, then you can understand why the Gate Keepers of Zion don’t want him anywhere near there Golden Federal Reserve. Ladies and Gentlemen, and those in between……hang on to your hats.

Clinton is toast. Buh bye.

Romney is toast if he loses NH  ( one can only pray to the real Jesus)

Guliani  ( there are no words)

Huck  – I could do Huck if I have to. He’s got orbs.

McCain- I like the guy personally. But, teaming with Leiberman…BIG MISTAKE

Obama:  Too heavy on the poetry dude. Makes me wonder. What else ya got buddy?

Edwards:  I love him. But, he ran with John Kerry and my feelings about Kerry need

serious healing. I blame him for this mess. And Gore (who is soon to make a presidential appearence. )

Thompson:   yawn

I want Joe Biden, or Chris Dodd, or Dennis Kucinich. PERIOD.

But, the clock has passed the hour of truth – and now we will live out our lives in a movie of our own making.

It’s times like this I wish I was still a Mormon. At least I’d have kick ass food storage.


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