I have faith in humanity to release the old, and welcome the new.

—-And the honest. Why anyone on earth would ever again vote for a Bush or a Clinton boggles even the biggest parts of my mind. I can’t wrap around it. What has to happen? What must be done in order for people to see the truth of what has been running this country since – I dare say – Ronald Reagan. Nice man, but he made Bush Sr. Director of the CIA, and it was the gravest mistake in our country’s history. Thanks Ron.

In any case – in the interest of keeping is short -why do people insist on electing criminals? Where is love of country? Love of the millions of people who have given there life and limb for our freedom to vote?

I am sitting with my head in my hands.  I am so very sad and so very worried.

After that, I rely on faith in truth to prevail.

The NH primary was rigged. Obama may not have the stomach for these things.  Who does? There are evil people in our world. Doing evil things. You know who they are. I have to work through it to the other side of my heart, where peace is found.

I’ll keep ya posted.


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