MSNBC- CNN —Looks like a VERY suspicious win for Clinton….

—–Hey, News Media —–we aren’t stupid. We have been here before. Polling that turned out upside down, only to deliver a win to the person who couldn’t of, shouldn’t have won !

I don’t believe it for one New York second.

So, is this the first official fraud?

The Republicans DO NOT want to run against Obama. We already know Bush stole both his elections. Why not again? Our entire voting system is corrupt.

As if we are just dumb. All the drama’s they concoct as a show to keep us twisted in our minds. Pretenders.

Hillary Clinton could not have won. No way. I am not buying it at all.  Even the Edwards vote is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. They don’t want to run against him either.

And as long as the news media is doing the exit polling – WE ARE SCREWED. 

Chris Matthews is the only responsible journalist looking under the numbers. It doesn’t make sense to him and he is saying it out loud.

We are in such trouble my friends.


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