Obama campaign volunteers kicked out of precincts in New Hampshire

Campaign volunteers for the Barack Obama and Ron Paul have been kicked out of precincts from Concord to Swanzey for not having the proper credentials, several unrelated sources have witnessed.

In general elections it is standard practice to have poll workers sitting behind the registration table and scratching off names as people sign in. Periodically they take those lists and the campaign gets in contact with those who have voted yet.

But, that is for general elections and everyone who does this a) has to live reasonably nearby (read: state residents) and b.) have letters from the state party to be an “observer”.

Apparently many of these Obama and Paul observers did not have this letter. These same sources say that it is the Clinton campaign that has called foul

New Hampshire Senate President Sylvia Larsen, a Concord Democrat who supports Hillary Clinton, said she saw the Obama observers.

“I knew who they were and what they were doing,” Larsen said.

Neither the Clinton nor Obama campaigns would comment.



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