Obama? You gonna take that? A rigged Primary ? You better step up !!!!

Ya think ya might raise questions while out on the road (to nowhere if ya don’t).  It’s obvious what happened in NH. The corrupt rigged the NH Primary so Hils would stay alive…-  They need Hilary to motivate their base to give money. It’s obvious, and it’s evil, but it IS what it IS.  Aside from the fact they know they can beat Hillary, and they can. I am a liberal Democrat and will never vote for her. I will vote Huckabee or McCain first. I am not alone.

If Obama lays down for this, without so much as a question mark, then he will be down for the count as of now.

We Dems were naive and cowardly as we allowed Bush to take the Presidency unfairly. We are going to do it again?

They have the *B—* to rig an election right out of the gate ???? 

 There’s a lot more going on here.

Obama, if you are going to do a Gore or Kerry repeat – PLEASE STEP OUT NOW and let Edwards take the reins.

News Media:  Stop playing us. Do you have no scruples?  Don’t give us your BS reasons Hillary won.

The tears…..The women…..The turnout……yadda yadda

 Dont’ even.  DON’T EVEN.


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