She is the only one THEY can beat ! Hellllooooo (smell a rat?)

Even the CANDIDATES had way different inside polling !  It has been reported that Clinton camp had her down 11 points and Obama camp had him up by 14 points, RIGHT BEFORE THE PRIMARY.

 I am so shocked by it, I can’t even take a breath to celebrate the Romney loss.

Did they RIG THE PRIMARY to keep Hils in the game?

SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THEY CAN BEAT !!!!  hellllloooooo

She has gone along quite nicely with George Bush all these years.

Her husband became Bush Sr. ‘s new best friend, and the recent tiff was just for show, I assure you.

They would love to beat her, but they will keep her in as a safety net.

They don’t want Obama or Edwards to contend with.

Who really kept Hillary alive tonight?

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  1. It has to have been rigged.

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