Clinton won because of Race? Pleeeease. This was a Dem primary !

Are you out of your minds to fly that through the Universe? STOP.

And, no —– women didn’t fall for her tears EITHER !

She won because NH voting machines are likely rigged and the entire process is corrupt.

There is plenty of evidence.

What else ya got.


2 Responses

  1. Believe it or not, two odd factors contributed to Hillary’s supposed victory – the weather was warm enough to entice older voters to go to the polls, and McCain(!) managed to garner a lot of the Independent voters that Obama as counting on.

    Note: In point of electoral fact, Obama & Clinton both received 9 delegates from NH, so it was in practical fact a tie.

  2. I agree that something went wront, cheat wise. The Rasmussen polls have NEVER been far off, to be that far off… Something smells!

    WA for Mike

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