Richardson outlived his usefulness for Clinton. She needed him to keep the hispanics from Obama in the early primaries.

Don’t remember the chummy relationship between Richardson and Clinton. Google him. He was in the Clinton Cabinet, and *chosen* for the all important job in New Mexico as Governor. Guess what goes on in New Mexico? Well, I won’t go there. WordPress peeps – in general – have a hard time with UFO’s. But, Clinton and Richardson don’t have a hard time with it. I digress so easily these days.

 So, now that Obama gets the culinary union in Nevada, he has become useless to Hillary. Oh well, nice try. But, he did take *just enough* away in New Hampshire, to help Clintons steal less votes in their primary.

Now, before you lose interest…..

I did the numbers on the totals of their votes in NH. They are nothing short of stunng.

In the MSNBC report, she won 112, 238  votes.

112  LUCIFER  hv

38 is LUCIFER  h

The two is likely standing for female. Woman.   238.

I am not making it up.


12 21 3 9 6 5 18      add them one number at a time.  = 38  h (horizontal) Add the female icon of 2 and you have 238.

112  is   38 h  and 74 v added together.   74 vertical is the result of Lucifer. The cross of creation.

Her vote was marked by the beast. 666 is not the only mark.

This is code to let her know, and all others who know this system, who gave her the vote.

If your confused right now, and wonder how such a thing makes sense, because there is a two party system and they are at odds with each other, and so why would *they* give Hils the vote, then sign their name to it? Well, first, you need to educate yourself, and that won’t help until you get out of the box they have you in.  There is no real difference anymore in the parties- or I should say, the leaders. It’s only a power grab, at this point, based on biblical prophecy, which was scripted long before you ever got your fingers and toes. It will play out. At all cost. The Author of the Bible is not the God we know and love. The Authors of the Bible were used as tools for Lucifer.


Who is Isis ?

In my opinon. Based in JCN.

But, again, that may be too much for wordpress peeps.  Just take a little at a time, then rest.


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