YEH !!! Debra LaFave back in news. — My open letter to the media.

Thanks news media for keeping us informed on all that’s important. When you

have some time, and you feel in the mood, would you be so kind as to let us

know how our soldiers are doing? How about a nice expose on Walter Reed –

just for an update, since you’re doing them today. Maybe you could find out why

 our soldiers lost their free speech on the new BLOG rules….or maybe you would

 give us a little more info on the families who have sacrificed so much in the loss

 of OUR sons and daughters to a Satonic War. I would like to hear from them.

Debra would wait patiently wouldn’t she?

If you have some extra reel laying around, maybe you could scoop it up to do

some reporting on all the homeless veterans.

And, after lunch, we would sure like to know about the New Hampshire voting

issues, which you have yet to cover. If you feel like it please.

Then, at the end of the night, after Debra and her husband have been

satisfactorily covered, maybe you could talk about the missing pregnant Marine

who was prepared to testify? A little in depth reporting would be very helpful.

Oh, and about Blackwater. We would really appreciate knowing more about

them too. Since they plan to be instrumental in enforcing Martial Law here.

Would like to know a little more about John Ashcroft’s new deal, and Romney’s

company, Bain Capitol, 3 com deal with China and chinese military.  I mean, I

know the Mormons who run this country, would prefer you leave that one alone,

but as a citizen…..pretty please with sugar on top?

Could you at least pretend you care about our soldiers. Our young military women, our freedoms, our constitution, our fate ?

Thanks much.

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