The 2008 election will be stolen. They will win at all cost.

2006 was a gimme. They knew that the repubs would tow the line. They had Heidi’s black book as blackmail. They had all kinds of things since the start of their eavesdropping. No one is without sin. They let the 2006 election alone, knowing it would work to convince us that *gee, see there, the elections really are fair!* . There was no chance of any movement in the house or senate. Add to that, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, (who add up to 122 btw)  are standing guard of the gates of Zion.  122 is 221 backwards.  221 =  JESUS CHRIST  hv   —- but see, that is not true Jesus. That is the COMING OF A SECOND MESSIAH. The new Christ (aka antichrist) 
There is much you do not know. Much you have chosen not to see, because the shock and awe of it would be too horrifying. Your entire world view would be turned upside down. It would be far too outside the box. You haven’t been willing to remove the blinders.
There will be no second coming of the man we know and love and call Jesus Christ. Christ means annointed one.
There is a new annointed one my friends.  That person is running for President. It is not one single person really. 666 is an agenda.
Using the backwards alphabet, WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST = 666  HV
Now imagine this: 

It’s the day after the general election. America lost. The election was stolen. Again. The world lay silent. No one is around to protest, as Judges in lands far and wide are bought and paid for by the Antichrist. People are boarding up their homes, and storing food. They have hidden all their cash. They have thrown their TV sets in the street. They have hunkered down and push back their final tears. It won’t be long now. The pundits are chuggin old Folgers in their Corporate fortified cubbies, still analyzing the polls. The streets are empty except for the Blackwater Force. They are guarding the hole in the ground left by the bomb blamed on someone from the Axis Of Evil. No one is allowed to collect evidence. On the town Jumbo Tron is a giant political head announcing the decision to nuke Iran.  The haunting words echo down the empty sidewalks. No one hears it, but their Warrior God.

They were warned, but they were in a recession. They were warned, but the tears fooled them. The slicked back hair and great looking kids fooled them. People thought there were opposing sides. It turned out to be an ancient hoax.  They were warned, but they were not up to it. They voted for the wrong person. They didn’t really understand what was at stake. There are millions of children with no future. They kneel and pray yet again, but hear that still small voice within……again.

 God helps those who help themselves. And…now….a thousand years of peace, as they define it.


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