They KNOW a recession will take our mind off the war, and put it on our wallets.

They saw this coming long ago when mortgages were being awarded just for being human. They knew it would all come crashing down. At JUST THE RIGHT TIME.  Like now. They have had complete control of this evil and will continue to control it. Banks rule. Our soldiers are at the mercy of the almighty dollar. MY GOD.

If Americans are worried for their jobs and the economy, which the news media KEEPS TELLING US is the #1 issue for Americans now, then we are not focused on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and MURDER. We are not thinking about the wickedness created by the people in Washington. We are way too concerned if we can buy food.

It’s a damn hoax – this timing.

Their timing worked. We are still stupid and the media is still working to shepherd in a new world devoid of light.

It is contrived. It is an agenda, based on THEIR desires.  It is all about timing. They have you and I by the short hairs. And, until you speak up, and let the networks know YOU WANT TO END THE WAR, you will be barraged with polls and other BS that tell you IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID. 


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