Why Huckabee makes many conservatives very nervous….

 He cares about the little guy.  He seems genuine. So refreshing.

This scares the holy crap outta all the Pretenders.  As well it should. He won’t nuke Iran and kill off 3 year olds for oil. He won’t team with Blackwater, like Romney has, so that the American people can be reined in. Oh, you might have thought Blackwater was mostly for *them* not *us*. Huck won’t be standing in the middle of Missouri, with his Free Masony under garments waiting for the Kolob Jesus.

He will be smiling because he will have saved all the Pretenders from bringing the Apocalyspe they are so worried will be late.

That’s why Huck makes them nervous. 

Now, will I vote for him. Nope, I won’t.  He’s pro-war (not pro nuke), and I won’t have it.

I want PEACE. And, if my President can’t help with that, then I would rather die than take a life.

Peace is Love. Love is Peace. Killing is Antipeace. Killing is Antilove.

Killing another to save yourself, is the ultimate evil.  If Christians don’t know THAT, they don’t really know Jesus.

Their scripture says:  Love they neighbor as thyself, unless they start protesting your illegal invasions and resisting your desire to put my picture all over their good books.


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