Ask not what Michigan can do for Romney, but what Romney has done for Michigan !

Home state eh? Highest unemployment eh? Bad times. What has Home State Romney done for the good brothers and sisters of Michigan. Just curious. Has he come to inspire and help, before he needed your vote?

He seems to love Michigan so much. After all, his Dad was Gov there. He was raised there. He might have seen his Dad march in the Labor Day Parade in that great state of Michigan. Just wondering if he has had time – while making his multi-millions, to come to Michigan to lift up his great state in some way? Also wondering why he didn’t go into Michigan politics, since he loves Michigan so much. What was that state he became the Gov of? Wasn’t Michigan. He seemed awfully happy in Massachusettes. Side note:  Didn’t the 911 hijackers fly out of Boston?

I hate to tell you this, but he only wants your vote then, he’ll stop buggin you. He has been connected a looong time with Coporate America, but he didn’t help you feed you hungy kids did he.


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