Where did all the anti mormon sites go? Now THAT’S power.

I began research into a new numerology system a year ago. It led me to Mormonism. I spent literally hundreds of hours reading sites on the net. THOSE SITES SEEM TO BE GONE. I remember google-ing and making it through several pages. Today I googled again, as I was looking for a site I had seen earlier. My AOL crashed. (big surprise). Someone doesn’t like my numbers.

Anyway, all the sites, and there were many of them, do not show up any longer. Only pro mormon sites show up- with one or two exceptions.  I didn’t check past page 5.  Google anti mormon.

This doesn’t shock me anymore. They don’t want you reading what ex-mormons have to say, and there are many of us. They will let you read Ed Decker because they have made it there life mission to discredit him.  But, there are literally thousands of other pages I read.

Well, now you know. You know the power of these people.

Do look at www.207.net   and look at the bios and ABOUT US page. Then, look at their client list.

I found out about them one day when I went into the guts of my puter and found their cookies everywhere.

Good night and good luck.


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