Romney supports Corporate Tax Cut: “to create jobs” – and my money rant

Who are you kidding? They don’t create real jobs. They create more wealth for THEMSELVES. Look at CEO pay, their homes, their boats, their Mercedez, their Rolex’s, their shoes. They want more people shining them maybe?

We continue to vote in, support, believe the Greedy Monster who rapes us !  We buy their products blindly, without stopping to understand we are GROWTH HORMONE for them. The laugh at us behind closed doors, over Remy Martin.

Big Oil has made record profits on the backs of hard working Americans. Big Pharma, continues to poison our world with their immense greed. Bank of Amerika just coughed up 4 Bill for Nationwide, and we are going to CUT THEIR TAXES? As if you, Romney, and all your counterparts, didn’t see THAT coming. You saw it, you allowed it, you support it with your political ideology. Clinton saw it coming. McCain saw it coming. Obama saw it coming. What did they do about it ? NOTHING. They let thousands of families and the elderly dig their own graves, naively, knowing full well it would burst ! I am no rocket scientist and I SAW IT COMING ! So don’t BS me. You saw it, and you allowed it, and here we are. You have your big fat paycheck in any case. And now, you want to fix it. How gracious and kind of you. How good of you to have good judgement AFTER IT FALLS APART ! What vision!

Is there not ONE among you who is tustworthy and honest? Is there not ONE among you who cares about the little people with no blue blood? Are we trash in your minds (still)?  What kind of monster runs this place?

Corporate America NEEDS NO TAX CUT !!!

Babies need food and shelter and heat for GAWDS SAKE.

Your tickle down economics is A MONUMENTAL FAILURE. It was a hoax all along.

And we know it.

It’s not just Romney. It’s all of you. No matter what the hell you say, we see proof of evil.

The only way out of this is for people to fight back with their wallets.  STOP BUYING SHIT.

Won’t that make matters worse? Yes. That is what is needed. A complete shut down. People have given their lives for your nik naks for crying out loud. It’s time to weigh in People. WE HAVE POWER if we are willing to sacrifice the way our ancestors sacrificed.

There is only ONE way out my friends. Stop buying. Keep your money- cept for food and shelter. Help those who have none. Don’t buy new shoes every 6 months. Don’t buy pretty vases with hand painted butterflies on it. Stop buying the newst DVD player and Ipod. Stop buying Hallmark cards for every single new holiday. Stop buying new cars and new clothes, and new this and that. STOP BUYING !!!!! If you want to stop this madness. There is no greater power we have than our money. We keep waiting for some HUMAN (or not) to come in and fix it all. THEY CAN’T – it’s too far gone. It is up to you and I – collectively to STOP BUYING. As of right now. Otherwise, we will never leave hell. Take back your power. Do it now.

It will get worse before it gets better, no matter what you decide. What are you afraid of? Death? Then, you forgot what you are. You forgot that nothing can kill the spirit of Love and Kindness. Nothing. You are not your body. You are far more.

If you are not willing to lose everything right now, in the name of TRUE CHANGE, then it will be lost for you.

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