Clark County (Las Vegas) was 8th in NATION for Mormon population.

Interestingly, they have haven’t updated their stats in 15 years. This was 1990. Vegas has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country for several years. Why Vegas? Brother, do I have to talk about Area 51 again and the fantabulous money laundering opps in the gaming biz in order to finance that Groom Lake thingy? The biggest hotel in Vegas was CAESARS PALACE.  Wake up. Romney’s Rome? Anyway….Vegas is seriously LDS.  If it was 8th in the nation in 1990, it’s likely much higher now. Kinda makes ya wonder.  Did you know that the word NEY means: To snare with a net?  romNEY, bob NEY, dick cheNEY….- yep, I have done some homework.

This isn’t going to be fun until you shed your old thinking. I don’t have all day. Wake up from your long slumber.

It’s almost the witching hour.

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