Mitt Romney profited the most from the Diebold swing, he received 7% more votes compared to hand counted ballots.

Read this blog. Take the blue pill. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. THEY want Clinton and Romney. If they are not the eventual nominees, I will eat my freaking blog.

Romney stat:

Willard Mitt Romney  231 v

Hillary Rodham Clinton  231 v

2007  was the 231st B DAY of the USA

Trust me. This is no accident.

The two people who benefitted most?


That’s because those are the picks of the power elite. It doesn’t really matter which ones. As long as one of them does. I already know the Mormon agenda, and Hillary has now been busted with her pal Reid managing her campaign in Vegas (mormon country). I grew up there.

A vote for either of them is a vote for the 666 agenda. I’m sorry to ruin it for you.


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